Become A Student

I offer private, weekly training for anyone interested in testing or committing to the clan Daoist practice.  

I transmit the practices just as they were taught to me.  This is only possible thanks to the permission I have received from the lineage holder and master, Serge Augier, to share the tradition as an instructor.

With this format, students commit one month at a time to meeting weekly for an hour over video call for private training in the Mountain practices of the Da Xuan tradition, training the body, breath and mind aspects of the human being.

When we start working together, I require a three month (ie 3 x 4 week - 12 total) commitment.  This gives us enough time to really test the practices, and see what changes and qualities develop and grow from the sustained and continuous effort of daily practice.

After this, we renew on a monthly (4 week) basis.

Besides meeting weekly, students are encouraged to contact me any time over Whatsapp or email with as many questions as they like.  I will also review form videos and provide continued feedback during the week, to make sure the student feels supported and is properly guided as they develop their practice of personal evolution.

In return, I ask that students to commit to training every day.  This can be as little as ten minutes a day to start.  It is important that we have a relationship of excitement and pleasure towards the daily practice, or else it will stop being possible at some point.

In his book Shen Gong and Nei Dan in Da Xuan, my teacher compares this to the ‘fire regime:’

We compare training to cooking: it is the "fire regime." There is only one thing we know for sure with the training. It is like making water boil.

How long the water will take to boil depends on how much fire you have under the pan, but the water will eventually boil. However, if you keep taking the pot of water off the burner before it boils, it will never boil.

This means that even if you train a little, that's OK, bur you need to train every day. There is no weekend or Sunday off when it comes to training! 

Training is a way to be. The only thing we know is that we have to train all the time and then the water boils.

Beyond training the qualities of the body (Wai Gong), the breath (Nei Dan), the emotions (Xin Yi Dao Yin Fa), the mind (Shen Gong), and the energy (Nei Gong/Qi Gong), we will also learn from the following Chinese internal arts, as a means of transitioning the formal, ritualized training into a useable form, appropriate for natural expression in everyday life:

  • Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi) of Yang Jianhou

  • Xing Yi Quan, Hebei style, from Li Cun Yi

  • Ba Gua Zhang, from Zhang Zhao Dong

After a few months of working together, you are connected to the school, and gain access to the private Da Xuan forum.  This opens up the possibility of joining weekly online training sessions, recordings of courses, and more.

For all this, I ask $250 CAD every four weeks, payable by e-transfer (Canada) or Paypal (friends and family option).

Send me an email at to begin the process.

Hourly Video Calls

I also offer one-off lessons or consultations.  The price for one hour of private video lesson/consult is $81 CAD per hour.